Hotel Antica Locanda Sturion

Historical residence

Locanda Sturion Venezia

In the magical atmosphere of an ancient Venetian noble house, on the third floor without an elevator, in a palace overlooking the Grand Canal, stands the Antica Locanda Sturion - Historical Residence.

A small romantic hotel overlooking the Rialto Bridge and Grand Canal, proud to preserve that scent of antiquity balanced between history and modernity, Venetian hospitality and tradition.

Locanda Sturion has attention to the smallest details, from Murano glass chandeliers to fine fabrics and original period floors. The bright breakfast room overlooking the Grand Canal is transformed daily into the Tea and Reading Room, where you can relax after long walks around the city.


Miracolo della Croce Carpaccio

Painted in 1494 and today preserved in the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice. In this painting the Albergo dello Storione sign can be seen clearly.
The relic of the Cross has been housed since 1369 in the Scuola di S. Giovanni Evangelista . The events depicted take place in the upper loggia of the Palazzo del Patriarca in Rialto, which apparently really was as it appears in the painting; the Rialto bridge is seen in the form it was given by the refurbishment in 1458 (which it maintained until its collapse in 1524), with shops at the sides and the central section moveable to allow larger boats to pass. Along the banks of the canal stand the buildings also seen in Jacopo de Barbari's celebrated map (1500).

The Albergo dello Storione is on the left towards the centre (see sign). In the background beyond the bridge is the Rialto loggia.

The first mention of the "Albergo" Sturion goes back to the and of 1200's when the house of the hotel Sturion faced the Grand Canal from above the arcade of Calle Sturion, which hotel was desired by the Doge of Venice to house foreign merchants who came to bring their merchandise to the Rialto market.

Certainly rebuilt at the end of 1300's, its period of greatest fame came in the 1400's, when it offered hospitality to 7 ambassadors from Friuli, with their escort of 50 persons.

In the first malt of the XVI century the Locanda was again rebuilt and continues to be mentioned until the end of XVIII century.
The building was reconstructed once again and the "STURION INN" disappears to become the private house of wealthy Venetians of the period.

It becomes an "INN" once again in 1950, in the same location and on the same foundations that had witnessed seven centuries of history of the most illustrious "SERENISSIMA REPUBLIC of VENICE".

Miracolo della Croce Carpaccio

Sanudo tells that on April 9, 1516, a decree was issued by the college, which imposed on the provveditori al sal to spend 50 ducats to build the arches of the Sturion to make them tighter or put three offices so that they do not deteriorate. On October 2, 1531, the construction of the customs house on land was initiated and completed to place the messeteria offices inside and on the side of the Sturion Inn... We find the Sturion Inn mentioned in the 1600s.