Why are the tides so high in Venice?

TV, newspapers, internet, so on and so forth ... Whenever the natural phenomenon of high tide occurs, the catastrophic news of a completely flooded Venice travels at the speed of light...


But, is it really so?

I try to explain you what high tide is. I assure you that as soon as you finish reading this page you will be intrigued to visit the city.

As you already know, Venice rises in the Adriatic Sea, it consists in 100 small islands connected by 417 bridges. To consolidate and fortify the foundations of the city, our ancestors planted long wooden poles in the muddy soil of the lagoon which over the years petrified and made Venice a very hard city.
During Spring and Autumn-time, the lagoon is subject to rather pronounced tidal peaks that cause the phenomenon of “acqua alta”, a typical Venetian expression that means high tide.

The tide level depends on:
The motion of the Moon.
From the direction and intensity of the winds of Bora or Scirocco.

For example, when on TV we hear the news of a 110 cm high tide in Venice, it does not mean that the city will be completely full of water. The tide level in Venice is measured and predicted on the "Historic 0". The walkable ground of the city is not all at the same height. Piazza San Marco is the lowest part, when a tide higher than 80 cm is expected the square begins to flood, for the Rialto area generally in the part near the Grand Canal the tide must rise to 105cm.

Unfortunately, sometimes happens that due to the force of the wind the tide becomes exceptional and reaches high levels and cause damage in a large part of the city. Fortunately within a few hours everything returns back to normal.

Walking around the city with a pair of rubber boots on your feet and a camera in hand when the tide is not too high ... you can take perfect shots with magical reflections and colors ... it seems to be immersed between the earth and the sky.

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