Venice... Tips for a perfect stay in the city

Venice is a "Unique" city in the world for its beauty and also for its particularity.
Whether it’s your first visit to the city or not, you definitely need useful advice to make your stay pleasant and "Venetian".

Get Ready! if you want to move around Venice you have to use your legs! There are no cars, no bicycles, skates or scooters. Of course... we have boats, we use the Vaporetto's (public transportation, is a water-bus) but they do not arrive everywhere so Walking is a MUST.

Do not forget that the Vaporetto is our public transportation. Respect the lines, use them... but remember that they are not exclusive tourist use therefore avoid to stay in front of the entrances and the exits waiting to take the most beautiful pic of your stay... you might hear some typical Venetian not very pretty word!!

If you arrive by car click here

In the "Calle" (our streets are called so) always keep your right and walk in a row, avoid stopping in group over the bridges to allow the passage of other people.

Warning to the swimmers!! In the Canals it is forbidden to swim... expensive penalties are provided and it is absolutely not healthy. The water of the canals is not clean, in the past the sewer system of the city discharged directly into the "rii" (small canals lined by houses)... Forewarned is forearmed!

It’s absolutely forbidden to walk shirtless and camp around the city. Contrary to everything you hear, there are plenty of places where you can eat well at great prices sitting comfortably around a table! If you need a green area, consult the map here.

Don’t walk around the city barefoot, wear shoes all the time.

Don’t feed the pigeons! If you have decided not to respect this rule... well, Good Luck!

... And when your physiological needs require your attention, please avoid doing them in the Calle or in some hidden corner of the city or in the Canals. Buy a coffee inside a bar and use the toilet. I can assure that Venetians and not will be grateful!

Seagulls are always very attentive to those who enjoy snacks on foot. Be careful! they are super fast and could hurt you! Never mess with a hungry seagull NEVER!!

In Summertime the climate is very humid... You know, the humidity attracts mosquitoes. Bring an anti-mosquito spray before departure!

If you have to declare your love to your girlfriend give her a nice ride in the gondola but do not hook locks to the bridges of the city! You could get a ticket and after a few days your lock will be thrown in the trash!!

If youget a chance to be in Piazza San Marco (and it will happen) avoid passing between the two columns of San Todaro and the Winged Lion. It brings bad luck!!!

Respect Venice as your home. If you dirty it, clean it up! Do not leave garbage hiding it behind the corners of buildings or on the windowsills!!

... And for your souvenirs, avoid shops of doubtful Venetian origin. Buy something typical inside local artisan shops that reflect the identity and history of the city.
Bring home something characteristic and lasting in time that will remind your perfect stay in Venice!

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