Bistrot de Venise

Bistrot de Venise, Romantic Dinner in Venice

Bistrot de Venise - Ristorante Venezia
The Bistrot de Venise, Restaurant in the heart of Venice, was first opened in 1993. It is a place where people can meet up and savour the Cuisine & Wine as they enjoy figurative arts, poetry, cultural gatherings and a host of other activities dedicated to Venice.

…in 1999, the Bistrot de Venise took its concept of blending culture, food and wine from the Veneto region a step further when it began to carry out research into Rare Wines and Historical Venetian Cuisine. …We are still steadfastly continuing along this path today…

Bistrot de Venise is considered one of the Best Restaurants in Venice.
Historical Venetian Cuisine with fresh takes on recipes by Anonymous Venetian Chefs, Bartolomeo Sacchi (also known as Platina), Bartolomeo Scappi and others (from the 14th to the 18th century). A gastronomic journey into the past, with ancient aromas and flavours from the Republic of Venice: sweet and sour… precious spices… rice… and stockfish.

Classic & Modern Venetian Cuisine, fish and shellfish from the sea and the lagoon, with new twists on the dishes from traditional festivals.
romantic dinner in venice
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