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Is expensive stay in Venice?

Choosing an hotel, apartment or bed & breakfast?
In Venice as in all cities of art and resorts you have thousands choices... but the question is......
...Is a good idea booking in an online agencies?


How many times did you look for the perfect hotel by entering a filter:
sort by price from lowest to highest
high score reviews

We live a hectic life where immediacy is part of our daily life... We are in the era of multitasking, we do a thousand things together and we are always looking for the deal!
The online travel agencies help you in choosing, they are immediate... they always remember your name and all of your data but are you really sure that you'll find the deal?

I’m going to tell you a secret or better, I’m going to give you a suggestion...
... Use the online travel agencies as a shop window, find out where you would like to stay and then visit the hotel’s website. At the Locanda Sturion we always offer great special offers and better conditions if you book directly... do not believe? look here!
Locanda Sturion
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