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San Martin xe ‘nda in sofita
A trovar ea so’ novissa
So novissa no the gera
San Martin col cùeo par tera
E col nostro sachetin
Cari siori xe San Martin!

This is the nursery rhyme that the children recite on November 11... In the Venetian Calli on Saint Martin’s Day, you can meet children who, with paper crowns on their heads and with the sound of ladles pounded on pots and lids, count on the generosity of the shopkeepers to receive a few pennies or sweets as a gift.

Legend has it that on a cold day in November, San Martino met a cold old man. Martin took the cloak he was wearing and cut it in half with his sword and gave half to the old man to shelter from the cold. As San Martino moved away, the sun came out, and the day warmed up: here is the summer of San Martino, the name still used in the hot and bright days of November.

San Martino is also celebrated at the table with the typical pastry cake in the shape of San Martino on horseback decorated with candy icing and sweets.Typical of the festival but little known is also a dessert made of quince apples that in dialect is called "persegada". It is found in all the Venetian pastry shops in the period of San Martino, it has the shape of a medallion with on engraved the effigy of the saint.

... And let’s not forget that in San Martino every must becomes wine... the popular saying in which, according to tradition, the wine of the new vintage is spilled, the "Vino Novello".

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