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How do I plan a trip to Venice?

"It has always been taken for granted that Venice is the ideal city for a honeymoon, but it is a serious mistake. Living in Venice, or simply visiting it, means falling in love with it and there is no room left in the heart for anything else"...

...said Peggy Guggenheim and here she founded one of the most important art collections in the world.

Are you planning to visit Venice?

From your sofa at home or from the office at work you are looking for information on how to get there, what to see, do, eat, etc ...Would you like to organize the perfect vacation but the network gives you so much information that you don't know where to start?

Well! You are in the right place!

From January to December the city is full of events, some a little more known than others but always very characteristic and traditional.

In January, on the day of the Epiphany, the typical “Regata delle Befane” takes place, on the 25th of April while in Italy celebrate the day of liberation in Venice we celebrate San Marcos’ day too, on the 21st of November the day of the “Madonna della Salute”, you will be able to see and cross a fifth bridge on the Grand Canal.

Choose the ideal period

JANUARY: After the Christmas holidays, the new year begins with the folkloristic “Regata delle Befane” on January 6. and the procession of the “Re Magi” in the Clock Tower in Piazza San Marco. In January you can visit Venice in total tranquility, of course the climate is cold but you can admire all corners of the city without crowds.

FEBRUARY: On an annual basis, February is the month of Carnival, an event that attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. For 10 days the city comes alive and you can breathe a festive atmosphere everywhere. You can admire the beautiful Venetian masks and why not, you can wear a mask and walk around the city.
Now take a pen and paper or write it down on your smartphone: To see the most beautiful MASKS, walk to Piazza San Marco at 7:00 am ... you will be amazed!

MARCH and APRIL: The climate is starting to be milder, spring is almost upon us and this is a great time to visit the city. You can celebrate Easter in the city and extend your stay due to the holiday. On April 25. the Liberation and the Patron Saint San Marco are celebrated, on this day it is customary to give your sweetheart a red rose bud, so if you are in town with your beloved, remember this habit well.

MAY and JUNE: If you like Art or Architecture exposition, this is your month. The Biennale of Art or Architecture takes place every two years with many expositions around the city. The day of the Ascension of Christ is celebrated "La Sensa" with the traditional rite of the "Marriage of the Sea" in honor of the dominion of the Republic of Venice over the sea. Between May and June there is the "Vogalonga" meeting point for all lovers of “Voga alla Veneta” and rowing boats.

JULY: in late summer, one of the most heartfelt events by the Venetians takes place "Il Redentore" with a beautiful fireworks show on the water. In July you can also attend the typical San Giacomo dell'Orio festival.

AUGUST and SEPTEMBER: Towards the end of August the Traditional Venice Film Festival takes place in Lido Island for about 10 days. You cannot miss the spectacular "Historical Regatta" the first Sunday of September, a parade of historic Venetian boats along the entire Grand Canal.

OCTOBER: If you are a Runner on the fourth Sunday of October the "Venice Marathon" takes place, one of the most beautiful marathons in Italy.

NOVEMBER and DECEMBER: The most peaceful period to visit Venice in total tranquility, the 21st of November celebrated the “Madonna della Salute” at the homonymous church and in December you can admire the thousand Christmas lights and go shopping. For the New Year Eve’s Enjoy the fantastic Pyrotechnic show from one of the most beautiful lounges in the world ... Piazza San Marco.

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