The Rialto bridge

If you want to visit Venice and be completely dazzled... completely because, you know, Venice is a wonderful city but what makes it even more beautiful is being able to place it in time... With such basic and ingenious equipment our ancestors were able to build a city that we can fix with one word..."WOW"...

The Rialto Bridge is a typical example of "WOW!".

It is the oldest of the 4 bridges on the Grand Canal, as well as the most famous... We saw it on TV from the movie "Venezia la luna e tu", where an Alberto Sordi with his "gondoeta" takes tourists for a tour, to "Spider far from home", with the bridge completely destroyed...

According to ancient chronicles, the first bridge consisted of a simple row of boats and was then replaced - around the second half of 1200 - by a real bridge on wooden poles and was therefore called "Moneda Bridge" (favored the passage to the ancient mint).

The bridge was then replaced by another wooden bridge, more stable but unfortunately, in 1444 collapsed because of the people who had gathered to attend the water parade with the bride of the Marquis of Ferrara.

In the painting by Vittore Carpaccio, at the end of 400, entitled "The Miracle of the Cross" and preserved in the Gallerie dell'Accademia, we can admire (as well as the sign of Locanda Sturion) a wooden Rialto Bridge just before it collapsed again in 1524.

In the second half of the '500 was proposed the reconstruction of the bridge but in stone, a more strong and durable, for an essential structure in the life of the Venetians.

After various vicissitudes, the design of the bridge was entrusted to Antonio da Ponte (as for other places in the city a halo of mystery surrounds the construction of the bridge), which was completed in 1591.. We can admire it today.

.. Now that you know the historical time, go to "Riva del Vin" or "Riva del Carbon", look towards the Bridge and use your imagination!...

How many people have been there? Busboys all intent on transporting bread, young ladies walking with friends or Casanova chasing some young girl. How many affairs, quarrels, loves and stories of daily life have taken place until today. It’s spectacular to use that imagination that takes you out in time. It helps you to understand the true essence of a city as beautiful as it is fragile.

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