The Ghost on the Rialto Bridge

...Venice is rich in mysteries, legends and ancient popular beliefs handed down to us by our ancestors... There are many tours in the city on the mysterious Venice;
 itineraries of ghosts and vampires...

A veil of mystery covers the construction of the Rialto Bridge built by the architect Antonio da Ponte.

It is said that the construction of the bridge lasted a few years and suffered numerous delays due to continuous structural collapses and lack of funds.

Antonio, suspicious of the collapse that always occurred during night time, hid himself near the construction site to find out the causes. At the sound of the collapse, he heard a laugh coming from behind him and a tall man dressed in a black cloak said that no one would ever build a bridge on the Grand Canal unless paid a very high price.

In order to complete the work, Antonio would sell his soul, but the man in the cloak who was actually the devil demanded the soul of the first person to cross the bridge.

Antonio agreed and as soon as the bridge was finished, he ordered his workers to bring a rooster with the intention of having him cross the bridge first.
The devil who did not want to be mocked went to Antonio’s wife and informed her that her husband was hurt at the construction site. The woman ran to the bridge, crossed it and fell lifeless... The devil took the soul of Antonio's wife and of the baby inside her.

From that day on, the child’s soul wandered on the bridge, and all who passed by heard his cry and sneeze. The Venetians avoided to be close to the bridge until one day a gondolier heard a sneeze and answered "Bless you!" and the child's soul abandoned the bridge.

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